Tornado® The Windshear™ Storm Dryer

Tornado® The Windshear™ Storm Dryer

Item # 30-WS98778-EA

  • Compact size, low amp draw and lightweight with "Driven Air" technology for fast drying. Lighter and smaller.
  • Power: 120V
  • Air velocity: 3,400 FPM
  • Air flow direction: 0°/30°/90°
  • Running amps: 2.4 max
  • Power cord: 20'
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Weight: 17.75 lbs.
Manufacturers Item #98778

Offers high airflow volume with velocity of 3400 feet per minute. With a compact and light "briefcase-style" profile and maximum running amps of only 2.4, this unit creates the perfect Storm of drying performance, size and affordability.


  • Compact size allows you to fit two Storms where one standard blower would fit.
  • Weighs up to 45% less than a traditional blower.
  • Low maximum operating AMPs of 2.8
  • Can be placed horizontally, vertically, on its side against the wall, directing airflow exactly where you need it most.
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